Alex has dreamt of owning her own business since she was a little girl. Born and raised in San Diego, Alex learned the ropes of the PR industry from her father Tony, who owned OTT PR for a majority of her life. Her love of media is evident in the breadth of roles she has previously held over the past decade ranging from media strategist to author, event planner to advertising executive.


In 2011, after working at a fashion and lifestyle magazine in LA followed by a renowned public affairs firm in San Diego, she left everything to push herself to new heights in Chicago. In Chicago, she worked with a few high profile restaurants and bars as a server and got to know the industry well during that time. She then served as Director of Communications for Blast Marketing & PR where she led numerous local and national PR & Marketing campaigns for a variety of hospitality clients.


In 2014, she founded Chrome City as the result of her desire to tell a deeper story on behalf of her clients. The company has evolved from a small PR firm to an eclectic creative agency that represents some of the city’s top artistic and hospitality entrepreneurs. After finding their niche with clients like Bonhomme Hospitality, Siren Betty Design and more, Alex made the decision to launch Chrome City California in 2018. She will focus on consulting with creative entrepreneurs and clients in fashion and hospitality. Her greatest joy comes from propelling the voices of creative communities through strategic communications and her one year old son, Henry.