HustleCraft, a quarterly speaker series and curated marketplace, premiered at The Guild Hotel in San Diego on December 15, 2019. While there, guests were exposed to some of the city’s top movers, shakers and influencers via an hourly speakers series that covered timely topics such as blocking and tackling as a small business within the industries of hospitality, design, fashion and wellness, and how to use storytelling to build loyalty around a brand.


Chrome City secured the venue, built a programming platform that would educate, engage and inspire guests, curated a chic mix of vendors for the open-air market, generated a buzz with calculated press work, and executed the day-of event without a hitch. The event will continue in San Diego, while also expanding to Los Angeles, Chicago + Portland.


San Diego, SPRING 2020

Los Angeles, SUMMER 2020

Chicago, FALL 2020