As Director of Public Relations, Jessica oversees the strategy and execution of Chrome City's client campaigns, manages customer relationships, and develops Chrome's all-star team of publicists. Results-driven and people-oriented, she works to exceed the expectation and make sure everyone’s happy about it!


Jessica has worked in a variety of settings from the corporate global powerhouse agency to the hyperlocal boutique serving retail, CPG, dining & hospitality, travel, art & music and social entrepreneur clients. She has earned feature placements for her clients in AdWeek, Forbes, Inc., The Travel Channel, The New York Times and a host of top-tier trade publications.


Resume aside, Jessica is a traveler, deep appreciator of the arts, relentless culture seeker, wine enthusiast, occasional poet, and genetically engineered to seek connection with the people and world around her. She's artistic, fiercely independent, hopelessly romantic and inspired by the endless possibilities that are always present in life.