A Photo Exploration Of Chrome City's Chicago

February 19, 2016

The Chrome City Crew is comprised of ladies from all over the U.S., but we each found some semblance of home in the Windy City. Chicago's versatility, diversity, and unmatched culture make it a stand-out city to the world, but to us, Chicago is special for very personal reasons. We've searched through our Instagrams and photo streams and each picked a few pictures that represent our city.  Here's Chicago through our eyes.


Dani: To me, Chicago means friends and food. The restaurant scene in Chicago is like no other so I enjoy trying out new places and often times sticking to what I know best. For instance, the picture of the Mexican food is at Flo in West Loop. Flo is where I usually spend my Sunday mornings with friends drinking and eating. In some ways it is Sunday brunch tradition. The other photo is of me at Cite which is a higher end restaurant that I spontaneously went to one Friday night with a friend. To sum it up, I think Chicago has the best food and I love wasting my days sitting in restaurants, all in good company!

Elly: My Chicago represents the experiences that i've had throughout growing up here in the past 20 years. I've always loved the music scene and going to as many concerts around the city from street fest's and small venue concerts, to Lollapalooza and Pitchfork. As lame as it may be, one of my photos is of Chicago Bears (at Soldier Field). My family has had season tickets for over 30 years and even though the Bears might not play too well, the Chicago sports pride is absolutely real to me.


Kira: This picture was taken on a boat cruise I went on at the very beginning of last summer. My absolute favorite time of day in the city is dusk- when the lights are glowing inside buildings and the sky is getting dark. Being on the water and enjoying the beautiful view marked a fresh start for me after a successful but long school year. I love the way this photo captures the hustle and bustle of city life even as they day turns to night. Living in a place where I'm surrounded by people striving to achieve their goals is invigorating, and I see a lot of this in downtown Chicago. When the city lights up at night, it takes my breath away every time. 


Hannah: The first photo represents my Chicago summers. Spending time at Wrigley Field is my favorite Chicago summer activity because the energy in the air is like no other. The Chicago Cubs are truly the only sports team I have ever cared about and even though they haven't been very good in the past, the happiness that they have brought me throughout the years completely makes up for it! The second photo represents Chicago for me because I'm standing with my best friend, Molly, but if you look in the background you can see the AMAZING Chicago skyline. Every time I see the skyline I can honestly say that I fall in love with Chicago all over again.


Maddie: When I think of my time at Chicago, I think about Millenium Park. The way art and sculpture are dispersed throughout this city inspires me endlessly. As an artist, finding pieces that continue to amaze while eliciting emotions is vital to my sanity. Luckily for me, I've found my favorites (like the Bean), but I still get to discover new art everywhere I go. I've only lived in Chicago for a short time, but the impact that the art has made on me is more lasting than anything I've ever experienced elsewhere.


Alex: I love watching the way we enjoy the city differently according to the weather. From soaking up as much sunshine as you can in the winter to skipping along the streets in the spring to year-round concerts to waking up on  winter morning with beautiful clouds- I appreciate a little piece from each moment. And the best part- Summers on my roof. 






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