10 Insta-Worthy Meals For Under $10

February 22, 2016

Most people can admit that half of the reason they go out to eat is for the awesome Instagram they're going to get 100+ likes on. There's no shame in the Insta game. What is shameful is having to drop beaucoup bucks every time you go out just to get that perfect shot. Lucky for you, we have comprised a list of trendy restaurants where you can get a meal under $10 that is guaranteed to up your Insta popularity without downing your bank account, and tastes just as good as they look.



Parson's Chicken is an obvious choice because of their hip Logan Square atmosphere and well known-outdoor patio. One of their most popular menu items is their Chicken Sandwich that runs for just 10$.

(Photo credit: Infatuation Chicago)



Located right of the Damen Blue Line is one of our favorite taco places, Big Star Tacos. At Big Star, you have the ability to mix and match the all of different kinds of tacos they have to offer, and none of them disappoint. For just 3-5$ per taco you can experience the lively environment that embodies the Wicker Park neighborhood with a guarantee that you will get a great shot for your Insta followers.

(Photo credit: Big Star Chicago)



Hidden right on the edge of Logan Square and Humbolt Park is a cozy, sit-down sandwich place, Wyler Road. Finding a trendy place for a night of fun drinks with friends where no one has to drop their entire paycheck is rare, but Wyler Road is exactly that. Many of their yummy sandwiches run for under 10$ and are very well proportioned. Talk about bang for your buck.

(Photo credit: The Infatuation)



When it comes to Middle Eastern food, Sultan's ​​Market does it right. Many of the authentic dishes come at a very inexpensive price. The intricate decor inside sets up a perfect background to capture the hip vibe and flavorful food.

(Photo credit: Always Hungry Chi)






An important part of any Instagram post is how it must pop out and the colorful Bibimbop bowls at En Hakkore in Bucktown definitely achieve that. For under 10$ you can get a bowl full of vibrant vegetables that match the eclectic decor of this boutique Korean restaurant.

(Photo credit: Gigi Eats Vegan)



Everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you can get a delicious one for fairly cheap at a recent Wicker Park opening, Dove's Luncheonette. The vintage themed restaurant is a cozy Sunday morning spot that is getting tons of rave reviews since its opening.

​(Photo credit: Let's Dine Chicago)




A Chicago summer must is sitting outside at Bang Bang Pie. For under 10$ you can choose whether or not you want to eat sweet or savory with either homemade pie or biscuits. Bang Bang Pie has perfected the buttery flavor of crust while still maintaining an Insta worthy look for all of their food.

(Photo credit: Chicago Food Authority)





Because of such a high demand for the #1 rated burger in the country at Chicago's Au Cheval, the chefs of the West Loop restaurant have created a smaller, cheaper version of their renown burger and placed it right in Bucktown at Small Cheval. The short, cheap menu (hamburger, cheeseburger and fries) speaks to the high demand of this delicious take on the classic burger.  

(Photo credit: Foodseum)



World renown chef, Rick Bayless has created such a delicious, Insta worthy churro at his downtown restaurant, XOCO, that it couldn't not be on the list. Bayless has perfected the art of high end Mexican street food and his churros are the cherry on top. The best part? 3 for 4$!

​​(Photo credit: Public Lives, Secret Recipies)




Ending the list how any meal should end is with the delicious photo-worthy dessert from Margie's Candies. A classic Chicago spot that has been around for over 90 years has a superior chocolate fudge sauce that attracts visitors from around the country. The interior of the restaurant is completely vintage and combined with the decadent sundaes and splits creates and ideal photo opportunity. It will be hard to snatch a pic without wanting to completely dive in first.

(Photo credit: Chicago Food Authority)


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