How To Create a Memorable Event Experience

March 11, 2016

Last weekend, we celebrated two years of Chrome City at a Mad Men themed soiree. Our event channeled the 1960’s through a psychedelic film screening, plenty of Bob Dylan, and lots of lava lamps. Founder and CEO, Alex Ott, has always been attracted to the dynamic, creative culture of the 60’s and hoped  to draw parallels between that time period and Chicago’s current culture. Chrome City believes that the best events facilitate deep, meaningful connections while creating a shared experience. Through the culmination of traditional and nontraditional elements, we’ve concocted a recipe for a memorable event experience. Here’s our guide to creating an event that will leave your guests amazed by what you’ve accomplished and looking forward to what’s to come.



Nostalgic: It’s important to take your guests to a different era. Whether it’s the drinks you offer (Highballs and Southsides for a prohibition party) or the dress code,  you can inspire your guests to remember simpler times. There are a variety of ways to incorporate a nostalgic tone into your party, whether it be having a theme (Mad Men, Woodstock, etc.) or just through little touches--like a vintage piece or era artwork.




Progressive: On the other hand, you don’t want your guests stuck in the past at your event. There should be a balance of nostalgic and progressive narratives throughout your event. For example, mixing modern elements like projections, slideshows, and modern music in will help bring your event into the 21st century.





Classic: It is imperative to send out a save the date, formal invitation, and event reminders. Following this structure will ensure that guests are informed and excited about your event. There is a lot of room for individualizing these tools to set the tone for your event--which can only strengthen your outcome. After all, the guests are truly the centerpiece of a memorable event.










Provocative: What do you want your guests to think about, talk about, and remember? It’s up to you to facilitate that dialogue--whether it be through the verbiage you use when promoting your event or the artwork you display, provoking meaningful discussion will elicit an emotional response from your guests, ensuring that they feel connected to your goal.




Traditional: Having a celebratory toast at the end of the night to thank your guests and give gratitude is absolutely essential. Without the traditional toast, you’ll miss a valuable opportunity to express your intentions behind your event, make a statement, or relay any announcements.





Nontraditional: If you can clearly explain what type of event you’re having, it’s probably too traditional. Try to rethink what a “cocktail party” should look like, feel like, sound like--and incorporate different, unconventional elements. For example, at our Mad Men party, we used three floors to create different aesthetics on each floor rather than filling one space. This allowed for us to express ourselves through several different channels and made the experience much more interactive for our guests.


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