Chrome City Favorite Sports Movies

April 8, 2016

Everyone has an old-time favorite sports movie. As the Chicago Cubs opening is approaching as well as the NFL draft, sports in general is currently the talk of the town. We asked the Chrome City team to weigh in on their favorite sports movie- what’s your favorite?

Allison: One of my all time favorite sports movies is The Sandlot, a classic film about friendship and baseball. When a young boy moves into a new town, he befriends a group of kids who all play baseball together at the local sandlot and teach him the sport to join their team. The new friends embark on many adventures including one mission to save an autographed baseball that was hit over the fence into a junkyard guarded by a huge dog known only as “The Beast.” Despite my disinterest in watching or participating in sports growing up, I always loved The Sandlot and its ability to make me laugh and cry. The coming-of-age film is one definitely worth watching if you are looking for a heartfelt ending and classic one-liners like the famous: “You’re killin’ me smalls!” And how can you not love Benny “the Jet” Rodriguez?!


Jack: Undefeated chronicles the journey of three members of an inner city Memphis high school football team. Though primarily centered around the team's progress throughout the season, the movie shows us the obstacles these young men face on the field, as well as off. Focusing on the challenges of the sport, as well as the challenges of overcoming their circumstances. This movie is so vivid, you almost think it has to be scripted.

I fell in love with this movie because it picks up where Hoop Dreams left off. It shows a side of neighborhoods we often forget exist, or don’t want to think exist. While it quickly engages viewers, it also challenges us. The cinematography for a documentary of this kind, is superb, and makes the film, all the more watchable.  Though it often gets compared to The Blind Side, the story here is real, as opposed to exaggerated.


Taylor: The Blind Side is a movie that evokes a lot of emotions in me. The true story about Michael Oher and the hardships that he endured is admirable and inspiring. Michael Oher comes from a rough neighborhood in Tennessee. He was abandoned at a young age by his mother who was battling a drug addiction and therefore, had minimal guidance and no family structure. When Leigh Ann Touhy (Sandra Bullock), discovers Michael after he receives a scholarship to play football at the same school that her children go to, they develop a close relationship resembling that of a mother and son, eventually leading to his adoption by the family. This family structure is what allowed Michael to find a passion and eventually a professional career in football. The movie has a way of reaching into the audience’s heart and making you feel apart of the “all-American,” Touhy family. After watching this movie, I always feel inspired to reach out and have compassion for others the way that the Touhy family did when they took in Michael Oher and changed his life. After watching this movie, I always feel inspired to reach out and show compassion for others in hopes of changing peoples lives just like the Touhy family did for Michael.


Nia: She’s The Man, starring Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum, is one of my all-time favorite movies. When Viola Hastings’ high school cuts funding for the women's soccer team, Viola tries to join the men’s soccer team. However, after getting rejected by the sexist men's soccer coach, Viola creates a plan to disguise herself as her twin brother while he’s away in London for a few weeks to play on his elite boarding schools men's soccer team. When she makes the team, she proves to herself and everyone else that even though she is female, she is just as talented as her male teammates and can achieve whatever she puts her mind to.

Combining my passion for soccer, and my love for Channing Tatum, She’s the Man encompasses everything I need in a movie. It is entertaining, funny, has a great love story, and is motivational and encouraging. Viola proves to girls everywhere that you should never give up on your dreams and should always keep trying to achieve your best. Even years after I originally watched this movie, the message still sticks with me.

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