#ChromeHomie: David Flom

April 20, 2016

Here at Chrome City, we pride ourselves in having ultra-creative and inspiring homies throughout the Chicago area. Each week, the Chrome Chronicle (our news outlet) will share a little bit about these incredible people and why we are excited to feature them as our #ChromeHomie.

Let us introduce Homie, David.




David FlomManaging Partner Chicago Restaurant Management Group


Q: Explain your job position.


A: My partner, Matt Moore, and I share the responsibilities of managing day to day operations at Chicago Cut Steakhouse, The Local Chicago, and C Chicago. We also manage the marketing, customer relations, public relations, and investor relations involved with our restaurants.


Q: What is your creative process?


A: My creative process is to get outside of my daily box and look at a project from different angles. In doing this, I usually find a way to see a better way that what people expect to do something. Meaning, if we are cooking eggs don't immediately think we are cooking them in a frying pan. Maybe it's in a different kind of pan, or over a non traditional heat source, maybe in a different liquid than butter, maybe with an ingredient blended with them that hasn't been seen before, and so on.


Q: What inspires and motivates you?


A: Nature and creative thinking people.


Q: How did you end up in Chicago?


A: Born and raised. I tried leaving twice, but found the people where I moved to be not as warm as Midwestern people.


Q: What is your favorite part about living in Chicago?


A: Summer - there's nothing better than doing something outdoors in the summer in Chicago


Q: What has most influenced your career?


A: My father. He came from nothing and finished on top. He was born in the depression, paid his way through college, and provided every opportunity that I could dream of for our family.


Q: What is your experience with Alex and Chrome City?


A: Alex and Chrome City challenge me to look outside my box. They have deep relationships with our industry, which make opportunities open all the time. She also has a great sense of balance between work and fun, which is important in this crazy world we live in!


Thanks for being a Chrome Homie, David!

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