Apps the #ChromeCrew Can't Live Without

May 9, 2016

Everyone here at Chrome City leads a busy and active life! We have mastered the art of multitasking and juggling our personal life and work. However, we each get by with a little help from some of our favorite phone apps. Whether they help us relax, pick up some quick groceries, or help in a work setting, these apps are essential part of our daily lives. Check of some of the Chrome Crew’s favorites!


Kira: Podcasts


The App I can’t live without is the Podcasts app. The Podcasts app is free, comes with the iPhone, and gives you access to unlimited podcasts on a variety of subjects. I love doing guided meditations in the morning while on walks, and during the evenings after a long day. I am also constantly listening to podcasts in my car on the way to work. Some of my favorites are: Serial, Vogue, StartUp, and Planet Money. The Podcasts app is a great, versatile app providing hundreds of options and the best thing is that they are all free!




Alex: Bumble


One of my favorite apps is Bumble- because who doesn't want to look at single people in their own city?! What makes it different from all the other dating apps is that the girls are only allowed to message the guys. It makes me laugh and I actually met someone from it that is awesome!!



Christy: Instacart

My fav app I can't live without is Instacart. I only use it every once in awhile, but I absolutely love it and it is perfect for those days when you just don't have the time to fit everything in. Sometimes I just don't have the time to run to the grocery store and being able to order what I need online and know that it will show up at my door 2 hours later saves valuable time! I have found it is also great for hosting parties. You realize you are going to run out of something and instead of leaving your guests, you can simply log in and whatever you need is there within 2 hours!



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