Future of Technology in Music Festivals

May 13, 2016

Technology has become an essential part of our daily lives, providing efficiency and ease in almost everything we do. Different means of technology allow us to do things such as communicate face-to-face with a friend across the ocean, send mass information out in a millisecond, and in general has made communication easier and enhanced entertainment.  As we enter music festival season with the recent celebration of Coachella, and Lollapalooza on the horizon, we began to wonder how this huge phenomenon of technology will be able to enhance the future of music festivals. We asked our Chrome Homie, Chris Lindsey, for some insight on the subject.


“I think technology will provide ease and access in various forms across the festival and live experience landscape.” Lindsey says. Technology has always made things easier for people, and it will do the same for festival-goers who want to get the most out of their experience. Event planners and festival producers can also get more data from virtual interactions with attendees. This can be used to provide tailored in the moment and future experiences to each person.


Just like we seldom use pen and paper anymore, printed tickets are becoming less and less common at music festivals. We are now able to simply scan our phones, virtually check in, or quickly flash a wristband. However, the newest and most innovative technology for festivals, to date, is the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) wristbands.The RFID wristbands are made with an internal chip that is scanned in half a second when passed through a metal detector-like machine.

Not only do the wristbands make entering the festivals easier, but they allow for social check in’s for fast sharing and higher engagement.


Technology is now fostering a deeper connection between artists and their audiences at music festivals. At Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour, every ticket holder was given an LED wristband upon entrance which was synchronized to each song. The crowd became a part of the show due to the creative visual and audio technology. Live streaming at festivals has also become a norm, allowing users to share their experiences in real time with their friends and the rest of the world. Chris Lindsey hopes this technology will also trickle down into local venues that host concerts on a regular basis.


Music festivals are a once in a lifetime experience, so it’s no doubt that attendees want to share their amazing experience with the world. New photo gif booths are being used at many festivals for attendees to show their friends what they are doing in a cool way. Brands also love this because they can frame these photos or digitally watermark them and share in the distribution of them across an attendee's social graph.



We look forward to seeing how music festivals evolve in the next years!

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