When Music and Art Collide

June 6, 2016

The Chrome Crew finds inspiration in various artistic forms, and we love to spend our free time at creative events around the city that involve art and music. We know first hand what it takes to put together a dope event, and how important it is to create the perfect atmosphere. Canvas has been able to incredibly collaborate the essence of freeform art and music at their events like Subchroma and Voyager.  Here's a deeper look into some of those art-inspired DJ's from past Canvas events!





                                  Photo via Canvas at their Subchroma event


Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Cofresi incorporates digital and acoustic sound into his modern electronic music style. Influenced by Carmack, Medasin, Lido, Fusion, and Futurebass, he continues to push the boundaries of modern performance and production. His unique sound is both melodic and rhythmic at its core. After being featured at Canvas’ Voyager New Year’s Eve Event this past year, Cofresi is set to perform at Spring Awakening alongside acts like The Chainsmokers and Carnage.


Com Truise


Com Truise is one of the many personas of producer and designer Seth Haley, born and raised in upstate New York. His music is a mixture of electronic, slow-motion funk, and synthwave creating a style he calls “mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk.” As someone who has been making music for the past decade initially as a DJ, Com Truise is a name to know in the industry. At last year's Subchroma event, he performed an amazing set and his newest EP Silicon Tare is out now!





As a Chicago native, Lefty creates powerful artwork with his signature line work. The intricate lines will keep you staring at the same piece for hours in attempts to find all the hidden faces, words and messages within it; needless to say you will get lost in the designs. Influenced by designs, patterns, textures, and color palettes, he likes to create pieces that are free-flowing and natural yet ones that depict an alternative reality. He is also inspired by music and will find himself "drawing emotions that were taken from the songs he was listening to at the time." Combining these passions invokes a truly unique artistic experience which has been curated at Canvas.




                                 Photo via Canvas at their Subchroma event


DrmBt is Chicago based artist, musician, DJ, and producer, Vincent Theodore. He works with both traditional and electronic instruments and explores the mediums of audio and visual design. His ultimate goal is to provide a challenging encounter at the point of experience, engaging an audience through liminal content and sub-liminal texture. Mixing music, light, sound, and video, DrmBt/Vincent is able to create a unique visual experience in addition to his music with mapped projections. Since performing at Subchroma last year, DrmBt performed at the Voyager 2016 New Year’s Eve Party held months later.


Hebru Brantley

 Cultural boundaries are broken down by artist Hebru Brantley whose pop infused contemporary art is inspired by Japanese anime and the bold aesthetics of street art pioneers Jean Michel Basquiat, Kaws and Keith Haring. His main medium is spray paint within his mixed media illustrations, but oil, acrylic, watercolor, and non-traditional mediums like coffee and tea are also showcased in his work. Hebru was introduced to the world of art through the murals from the Afro Cobra movement of the 60’s & 70’s lining the walls of the South Side of Chicago. Recently, the talented artist's work was featured in Chance the Rapper's music video "Angels" as an homage to Chicago.


See the teaser videos from last year's events here:

Subchroma https://vimeo.com/148270256

Voyager https://vimeo.com/147211487


We can’t wait to help create more art-inspired events with Canvas in the near future!

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