#ChromeHomie Cheri Byrd

June 22, 2016


Here at Chrome City, we pride ourselves in having ultra-creative and inspiring homies throughout the Chicago area. Each week, the Chrome Chronicle (our news outlet) will share a little bit about these incredible people and why we are excited to feature them as our #ChromeHomie.

Let us introduce our Homie, Cheri.

Cheri Byrd, CHI50 Studio Owner


Q: Explain your position.


A: I own CHI50, a new Lagree Fitness/Megaformer studio in Bucktown. I carry a lot of duties as studio owner: instructor, accountant, front desk, event planner, and most recently, handyman. Most importantly I get to create my own little community through the studio and interact with so many new and amazing people on a daily basis.


Q: What is your creative process?


A: I have a few methods. Some of my best ideas have come to me by simply going for a run and clearing my head.. This is the only time that I am really able to take away all my doubts and self talk and just work things out. I'd say my other creative process is tapping into other creative people and bouncing ideas off of them. I am so lucky to be surrounded by a lot of friends who are talented in so many different ways. When I was in the process of opening my studio I had the help of so many of these friends and it was the combination of all of their individual strengths that led to what I think is a beautiful result.


Q: What inspires and motivates you?


A: What motivates me is knowing that life is short and that I want to get the absolute most out of it. There isn't time to be complacent and let things slip away. I try to stay in a mindset of always taking action and staying true to my words. So if I see a big goal or adventure that I want to take - I state it and it go for it. I think what has inspired me is being able to travel to so many different parts of the world and interact with so many interesting people and different cultures.


Q: How did you end up in Chicago?


A: I am originally from Michigan and moved to Arizona after college and quickly found the desert wasn't for me. I grew up surrounded by lakes my entire life and it made me realize I needed to be somewhere where I could be close to the water. I was originally planning to head to San Diego but a good group of friends in Chicago and family just a short drive away lured me to move to Chicago instead. It's been 8 years now and I haven't regretted the choice once.


Q: What is your favorite part about living in Chicago?


A: Hmmmm, that would be hard to narrow down. I love that I have so many restaurants to choose from and that there are always new places popping up. I live for summer in Chicago because it makes me so happy to see how much the city comes alive and how much everyone in our city truly appreciates the weather and makes the absolute most of it. That there are constantly new events/festivals/concerts to keep things interesting. Of course that I can get to lake Michigan quickly with my paddleboard and be on the water. And I appreciate living in a big city because I can always book international flights pretty easily and head out somewhere warm in the winter.


Q: What has most influenced your career?


A: A combination of quite a few things. I told my mom at a very young age that I would never work behind a desk 8 hours a day and I have pretty much stayed committed to that promise. My parents owned a business when I was younger and I was always drawn to the idea of being my own boss in some capacity. I was able to work for lululemon for over 4 years and I think this had a huge impact on where I am today. It gave me a love for community, taught me the importance of truly taking care of your people and how to be a good manager and most importantly to set big goals and go for them. I was lucky to work for a company that celebrated my decision to leave and go for a big goal of opening my own studio. And honestly just the love and support of my boyfriend, family and friends. When I said I was going to quit my job and venture out on my own not one of them questioned my choice, instead they all jumped in and offered to help in any way they could.


Q: What is your experience with Alex and Chrome City?


A: Alex and the whole Chrome City team has been amazing! The second I was able to meet with them I had no doubts that we would work well together. They came in for a class and Alex was so authentically happy for me that she got teary eyed : ) It feels good to work with people who aren't just doing a job- but actually care about you and what you're building. They also smiled and laughed through my class more then anyone has so far, it was great!


Thanks for being a homie, Cheri!



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