#ChromeHomie: Joe Dolan

July 20, 2016

Here at Chrome City, we pride ourselves in having ultra-creative and inspiring homies throughout the Chicago area. Each week, the Chrome Chronicle will share a little bit about these incredible people and why we are excited to feature them as our #ChromeHomie.

Let us introduce our Homie, Joe.

 Joe Dolan, Senior Designer and Project Manager at 555 International 


Q: Explain your job position.


A: I'm a Senior Designer and Project Manager, so I lead and oversee numerous projects ranging from high end restaurants, cocktail bars and professional sports retail stores. I also empower teammates to run with concepts and deliver confidence in our clients to say "yes please may we build another."


Q: What is your creative process?


A: For me the process begins with the big picture or overarching concepts, keywords and elements that fit our client's wants and needs. From here zooming in on the true DNA of those parts and pieces to extract the environmental qualities and characteristics that space can grow and flourish from.


I learned very early on that the best brands are successful because of consistency. Well thought out experiences are the same, there should be an underlying consistent layer to the overall story being told throughout.


Q: What inspires and motivates you?


A: People have always been my motivator. I’ve always said that building relationships comes first. In order to deliver a well thought out space you should know your client and those you will use the space best before doing anything related to building physical space.  


Q: How did you end up in Chicago?


A: Through my family. My father would drive me down into the city and open the sunroof for me and I can still imagine the frame the sunroof made on all the buildings as we drove past.


Q: What is your favorite part about living in Chicago?


A: The skyline still gives me goosebumps. She’s truly a beauty! Winters blow but they keep us humble…or something like that.  


Q: What has most influenced your career?


A: All the clients I've been lucky enough to work with have had the most influence on me today.

Each one has taught me a bit more about who I am, what I do and where I’m heading. It gives you insight and perspective that is better than any book, magazine or website.


Q: What is your experience with Alex and Chrome City?


A: Alex is one of those soldiers you want on your front lines. She’s always ready to take action and you know she’s always got your back. I’m grateful to know her and call her a good friend of mine.


Thanks for being a Homie, Joe!

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