Chrome City’s Lollapalooza Survival Guide

July 25, 2016

One of the biggest weekends of the year is coming up in Chicago and Chrome City is here to tell you everything you need to know about surviving it. Lollapalooza is the largest music festival in the Midwest and since this year is its 25th anniversary, the festival was extended to four days of nonstop music. In honor of the festival we put together a guide for everything you need to know about surviving the fun weekend:


Where To Go:

The festival is held in Grant Park each year with two main entrances; one at Congress and Michigan and the other at Columbus and Monroe. A full map of the festival grounds can be seen here. You can get dropped off in a Lyft or Uber near either entrance or take public transportation and walk into the park. Make sure to calculate your travel time since this area of the city will be extremely congested with all the extra visitors in for the festival.


What To Wear:

Save yourself from the pain of cross body and shoulder bags and opt for a small backpack or fanny pack if that is more your style.

You will be standing for a large majority of the time at Lolla—like we said, nonstop music for 12+ hours each day—so we definitely recommend some comfortable walking shoes. Avoid heels and open toed sandals and instead wear some sneakers or boots. Not only will you be more comfortable at the end of the day, but you will avoid people stepping on your toes and dirt covering your feet.


Just because it’s Chicago and the weather is likely to change at any minute, consider bringing a raincoat or small umbrella in case of a spontaneous downpour during the middle of a set. Also according to the weather forecast, Friday and Saturday could bring some rain throughout the day.


Sunglasses! You can choose from a range of designer sunglasses at Endless Eyewear. They always add something extra to any outfit and what better way to keep the summer sun out of your eyes?


If you want to fit in with popular festival fashion add bandannas, hats, bodychains, or jewelry to complete your look. Always follow your own style, but music festivals usually call for lace, fun patterns, sheer materials, and fringe.


What To Bring:

Water – you definitely don’t want to get dehydrated and pass out

Cash – most transactions require cash and any ATMs in the park will have long lines and high fees

Sunscreen – you will be in the sun all day long unless it’s raining so it’s best to be prepared

Hand sanitizer – there are going to be thousands of people around you

Phone charger – we all know our iPhone battery won’t last the entire day

Gum – always good to have for the times your hunger kicks in during the middle of a set


Who Will Be There:

The full lineup can be found here, including who will be performing each day.


Food For Thought:

Even though we know you will all be dying to share all your pictures and statuses with your friends over social media in real time, we recommend to wait and just enjoy the moment while you can! Save the photos, create drafts of any tweets, and post them all at a later time. There is nothing better than being completely in the moment at any concert and with the amount of people there it’s highly likely your internet service won’t even be working that well.

 If you don’t have your tickets yet it’s not time to freak out yet. Single day-passes can be purchased up until the festival dates if you search hard enough!


Photos from Emma Arnold of Tres Awesome.

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