#ChromeHomie: Bridget White

August 10, 2016


Here at Chrome City, we pride ourselves in having ultra-creative and inspiring homies throughout the Chicago area. Each week, the Chrome Chronicle will share a little bit about these incredible people and why we are excited to feature them as our #ChromeHomie.

Let us introduce our Homie, Bridget.

 Bridget White, Closet Consulting Manager for Luxury Consignment Service, eDrop Off.


Q: Explain your job position.


A: Basically, I am a treasure hunter for designer clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, and accessories. The items then sell on auction through our website: www.shopedropoff.com. I literally go into our clients' homes, sort through their closets, and help pull items that no longer bring them joy. It is very easy for some, not so easy for others. I definitely meet some characters! Purging is not necessarily about needing money like it was years ago. We are having a lifestyle shift where it's about realizing to not let our material possessions possess us.


Q: What is your creative process?


A: My creative process always has a center focus, something to build on.  Specifically for the store, it is about finding pieces that are not only beautifully and artfully constructed, but commercially viable as well. They must have both. 


Q: What inspires and motivates you?


A: I am inspired by visionaries, people who not only talk about their ideas but who work really hard to see their goals through. It is good for the soul to learn to find your happiness, life is all about the journey.  Navigating through this journey in a genuine way, making choices that aren't always the easiest but produce honest results. All are internally inspiring to me.


Q: How did you end up in Chicago?


A: I came to Chicago from the Detroit suburbs for college. I tried a traditional university in Michigan for 6 months and found it wasn't for me. I decided to move here at 19 for art school.


Q: What is your favorite part about living in Chicago?


A: There is a great balance to Chicago, there is strong drive here without feeling overwhelming. There are brilliant people who are also polite. It is centrally located, which makes it easy to pop over to either coast to shake up your energy.


Thanks for being a Chrome Homie, Bridget!

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