#ChromeHomie 2.0 Chelsea Cankar

June 23, 2017

From top chefs to designers and writers, Chrome City has been honored to introduce some of our super inspiring Chicago creative homies over the last three years. But where are they now? We've been following up with our favs and are excited to feature them, once again, as our #ChromeHomie.

Let us reintroduce our homie, Chelsea!  

Chelsea Canker, Director of Sales for The Standard Hotels  


Q: What was your biggest challenge in 2016?


A: I went through wanting to make a career change but wasn't sure exactly what or where I wanted to work. I ended up managing some artists and working for Obsidian, a friend Matt Butcher brought me on to help work on the music part of his business. Most recently I moved to Miami, and am the Director of Sales for The Standard Hotel.


Q: Any changes work wise? If so, tell us about your movements and growth.


A: Moving to Miami and work in the hotel industry for The Standard, with hotels in NYC, LA and Miami and soon to be London. I've never worked in the hotel industry or in sales for that matter so it has been quite the adjustment, but The Standard brand is so amazing. It's very culture, music, and artist friendly so a lot of people I've worked with previously, I've been able to do continue to work with here on the property.


Q: What are you most proud of that was accomplished in the last year?


A: Since leaving Universal/ Interscope I really decided to look at what I could do in the long term. The music industry is amazing but the hours were crazy. I always said that I wished I was 25 years old when I worked there.


Q: How do you feel Chicago is changing? What role do you feel you play in that? 


A: Well sadly / not sadly I don't live in Chicago anymore. It's an amazing city and it will always be home, but I needed change and no winters! Miami does get a large influx of Chicagoans coming down here for work - the arts are really growing here which people from Chicago really appreciate. Of course, the big event here is Art Basel in December where a lot of Chicago street artists come down to show their work. Chicago truly is everywhere!


Q: What do you hope to see more of in 2017? In yourself, in your community and beyond?


A: I hope to see more Chicagoans coming to Miami and, of course, staying at The Standard!


Q: With so much uncertainty ahead of us, what keeps you feeling grounded?


A: Being sure of yourself and your purpose and knowing you can't prevent a lot of things happening in this crazy world. Just being a good human to all and helping each other out is important because hey, you never knowhow  you can help each other out now or in the future.


Thanks again for being a #ChromeHomie, Chelsea! 



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