#ChromeHomie Evan Marshall

September 8, 2017

Here at Chrome City we pride ourselves in having ultra-creative and inspiring homies throughout the Chicago area. Each week, the Chrome Chronicle will share a little bit about these incredible people and why we are excited to feature them as our #ChromeHomie.

Let us introduce our Homie, Evan! 

Evan Marshall, Editor In Chief of High Fashion Living

Photo Credit: Justin Mensinger


Q: Explain your job position.


A: I am the Editor in Chief of High Fashion Living. With over 3 million followers on all social platforms, we provide ourselves on being the premier destination for brands to expose themselves to a global clientele of fashion enthusiasts. We want to inspire people to own their personal style. As our motto is "Do Well, Live Well, and Dress Really Well."


Q: What is your creative process?


A: I look for ways in which I can expand on current trends that I see in the market and think of how I can make them Colossal. I am big on jotting down ideas that come to in the moment then every Sunday morning I take about an hour and a half to review all of the ideas, thoughts, and mementos I made that week and then I create a plan to take action on them in the forthcoming week.


Q: What inspires and motivates you?


A: I am a big history buff so I am inspired by learning about the success and creative process of others. I watch a lot of documentaries, go to museums (solo), I read a lot every morning I try to find a quote of the day. I think you should have things that identify who you are from a creative standpoint and maintain those things. For example, if you enjoy quality writing/journalism then everyone should read either The Atlantic or The New Yorker. Even then the person who reads The Atlantic and The New Yorker is very different. I am an Atlantic guy myself.


Q: How did you end up in Chicago?


A: Honestly, I was looking for a way to get out of Dallas. I moved from NYC to Dallas and nothing against The Big D but if you enjoy New York you wont enjoy Dallas. Chicago, offers a lot of what of New York does from a creative standpoint you just have to find it.


Q: What is your favorite part of living in Chicago?


A: The Weather LOL! I'm sure is what most people hate but honestly as a person that enjoys fashion, I love seasons. At some point during the year, Chicago is going to give you the chance to dress for every occasion and in every style there is. Oh and the skyline, nothing beats cruising down Lakeshore on a sunny morning and just seeing the light gleam off the skyline.


Q: What has most influenced your career?


A: Friends and Mentors. The saying your network is your net worth is true. The challenge to yourself is turning social capital into actual capital.


Q: What is your experience with Alex and Chrome City?


A: Nothing but positive! I had a blast working with them on the Sound of Style Fashion Show. In fact, we should work together more often, ladies hit me up! (We will, Evan!)


Thanks for being a #ChromeHomie, Evan!


PS: Check out this dope shot of Evan walking in our Style of Sound Fashion Show at Disco!

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