80's Throwback #ChromeCut

December 18, 2017

The #ChromeCrew is all about that weekday hustle. We're creative, dedicated and always looking for inspiration to help us get shit done. Since we all use music to motivate us through the week, we've decided to throw it way back. Check out the #TBT 80's tracks that have us singin’ along!





“Let’s Dance”- David Bowie >>>

Let’s Dance was released as the first single from David Bowie’s 1983 album, also titled Let’s Dance, and went on to become one of his most popular and best-selling tracks. This song introduced Bowie to a younger audience which contributed to the success of the album and helped make this song his fastest-selling single. You can catch our Junior Publicist, Alyssa bumping this upbeat dance song on any occasion. The Chrome Crew loves a good Bowie jam, and this is one of our faves.





<<< “Burning Down the House”- Talking Heads

Talking Heads drummer, Chris Frantz, found inspiration for this song after a show in New York where the audience was chanting Burn Down the House. This new wave and funk song is our graphic designer, Kylie’s, go to 80’s jam. Burning Down the House became popular all over the country making this their highest-charting hit single in North America. This song's popularity still holds strong today being covered by artists like John Legend and Lady Gaga.




“Like a Virgin”- Madonna >>>

This dance-oriented song caused a great deal of controversy back in the day. The title and lyrics were looked at to be very racy for a pop song in the 80’s. This made it difficult for them to find someone willing to record it but Madonna happened to be the perfect fit. She had only released one album and her record company knew it would stir up some controversy, so it was the perfect record to get her name out there. It became a huge hit and ended up creating a new image for the star. Madonna has been an iconic artist ever since and the #ChromeCrew cant get enough of all her 80’s hits.




<<< “La Di Da Di”- Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick

On this 1985 hit, Doug E. Fresh provides beatbox instrumentals while Slick Rick raps his sweet rhymes. This track is considered extremely influential in the rap scene. It is a classic storytelling track, and it changed the way people looked at rap songs. It was well-liked all over the country, and we can see the massive popularity by just looking at the number of artists who have sampled it. It has been sampled over 500 times by many different artists including the best in the game, Notorious B.I.G. on his smash hit “Hypnotize” and Snoop Dogg on his party anthem “Lodi Dodi.”






“Where is My Mind”- Pixies >>>

Despite never being released as a single, the Pixies’, Where is My Mind is their most widely known record. This American alternative rock band is one of those bands whose unique style started it all and gave this genre of music a chance to become known worldwide. As the band's signature track, this song has been used in numerous advertisements, TV shows, films and even video games. You can catch Bailey jamming to this song on her morning commute to work.






<<< “This Charming Man”- The Smiths

This Charming Man was never released on an album but still reached massive success climbing to the number one spot on Mojo’s “The 50 Greatest UK Indie Records of All Time” list in 2008. The Smiths’ lead singer Morrissey wrote this song because he felt detached from the early 1980’s gay culture. His goal with this song was to reach an older audience who would value the vulnerability that he shows with his lyrics and to continue the theme of sexual ambiguity and lust that we see throughout many of The Smiths’ albums.






Check out the rest of the #ChromeCrew fave 80's jams here:



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