The #ChromeCrew's Guilty Pleasures

June 22, 2018

The #ChromeCrew has decided to share our guilty pleasures this week, but as you can tell from our answers, none of us are really ashamed to admit them! Hopefully, our example can lead you to embrace the not-so-innocent decadences...Have that extra slice of pie! And what’s so bad about another episode of The Real Housewives?

Alex Ott

  • MUSIC: Kelsey Lu by myself in the car crying lol

  • FOOD: Trader Joe's coffee ice cream brownie bars

  • INDULGENCE: Cigarettes

Anthony Ott



    • MUSIC: Corny late 90’s R&B (legit currently listening to Tamia- So Into You)

    • FOOD: Sour/fruity candies and Gatorade laying in bed watching movies

    • INDULGENCE: Definitely not embarrassed about it, but it could be a perfect day outside and would still rather be in a gym shooting hoops all day OR literally always chewing on something (straws, toothpicks, gum, bottle caps, pen caps, my nails)

    Allison Wessel

    • MUSIC:  T. SWIFT! Though I’m not that guilty about it (particularly the Red album since it reminds me of angsty high school days)

    • FOOD: Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – there’s currently some in my fridge at home!!

    • INDULGENCE: Really bad teeny-bopper rom-coms on Netflix – ie. So Undercover, F the Prom, No Kiss List, The Kissing Booth – and I’m not kidding I’ve seen them ALL. Whenever there is a cheesy teen movie added, I will no doubt take time to watch it and then wonder why I wasted 2 hours. Why am I like this??

    Bailey McGuire

    • MUSIC: No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana Grande

    • FOOD: RAMEN!

    • INDULGENCE: Watching youtube videos for hours

    Hannah Parker

    • MUSIC: I love K-pop, but I'm not really embarrassed about it. They have bops for days!

    • FOOD: I really shouldn't, but I crave french fries all the time.

    • INDULGENCE: Delivery...I order out A LOT.

    Jessica Gillespie

    • MUSIC: Jamie Xx – Gosh (turned up REALLY loud)

    • FOOD: Jeni’s Brown Butter Almond Brittle ice cream

    • INDULGENCE: Watching monthly tarot card readings on YouTube. Amber Khan (The Quietest Revolution) knows my whole life

    Caitlyn Bilow

    • MUSIC: Celtic Woman 🍀

    • FOOD: Fried Chicken

    • INDULGENCE: Breaking Amish

    Manuela Vargas

    • MUSIC: Sorry by Justin Bieber, I don't know why I like it so much!! but I love it! I think is because when I moved here was a total hit

    • FOOD: I love dipping french fries in ice cream, especially if it's vanilla or chocolate, best combination ever. Sweet and salty.

    • INDULGENCE: I love love any movie that has a monstrous animal as the main character. For example Jaws (I've watched all the movies that have sharks), Godzilla or Jurassic Park (Watched all of them, waiting for the new one, super excited!!)

    Kate Morrison

    • MUSIC: Literally anything by One Direction

    • FOOD: French. Fries. <3

    • INDULGENCE: Anything Keeping Up With the Kardashians 

    Sav White

    • MUSIC: Flamingo by Kero Kero Bonito. (it is a JAM)

    • FOOD: Breakfast for Dinner-usually crepes or french toast

    • INDULGENCE: Bollywood Movies-they average a 3 hour run time so it’s a real commitment.


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