Meet The Team

September 19, 2018

In the past month, we’ve added some stars to the Chrome City Team, and we can’t wait to introduce you to them.




One of the members we’ve added is Jessica. You may recognize her from our socials or from all the work she’s done for WakandaCon! As a kid, Jessica wanted to be a millionaire, but now, we’re lucky to have her as our PR Director. She has taken the lead in creating new strategies and planning for the long-term creative goals of our company, to make sure they match our values. She’s also been grooming our junior PR team and helping us grow! Outside of PR, Jessica loves to travel and learn about other cultures especially rituals and ceremonies, and you can usually find her in art galleries or at live music shows.  She enjoys watching Ousmane Sembène’s ‘Black Girl’ without captions and in silence, for its dreamlike quality and the way it tells the story of a dark and grim reality in a poetic way. Jessica loves Chicago because it always feels like home no matter how far she goes, and her advice to her younger self? “Don’t waste so much time imagining the worst outcomes. They almost never happen.” (Something we would all do well to remember). We met Jessica for the first time at Taste Talks and we’re so glad we did because she’s made an amazing addition to the team, and we’re excited to see how we grow from here!





Portia is a media enthusiast, born and raised on Chicago’s southside. After graduating from the University of Missouri – Columbia, she returned home where she began her career in public relations, marketing, and tv production. Her experience, confidence, and vibrant personality have allowed her to work with and secure coverage for various local and national news outlets. Portia is an all-around creative with the ability to produce thorough yet abstract concepts for a broad scope of clients and we are lucky to have her as our PR Assistant! Outside of PR, she finds her passions in talking to people with interesting stories. She loves to moderate panels, host events, and interview dope individuals.







Meet Brittany! Brittany is a graphic designer from Lake Zurich, Illinois. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, she came back home to Chicago where she began her career in advertising as a graphic designer/art director. She joined us earlier this summer as a graphic designer, after stalking our social media and realizing that we represent all her favorite bars. When she isn’t here you can find her under the sun, between volleyball games and boat trips it seems like the perfect summer baby (despite being born in January). As the graphic designer, Brittany creates everything whether it is branding, web design, print materials.

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