The #ChromeCrew's 2019 Intentions

December 12, 2018


Deepak Chopra says, "An Intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love." By putting our intentions out into the world we are able to manifest our future as a company or as individuals. As 2018 comes to an end, the #ChromeCrew believes that this is the perfect time to reset and express our hopes for the future.


As a company, we intend to continue our work with strong women, seek to work with more entrepreneurs of color and tell the story of LGBTQIA business owners and members of our community that impact the lives of those around them.


We intend to attract more clients that show they know the value of what we do and respect our work with their words and feedback as well as compensating us for the hours we put into helping them build their businesses. 


Continue reading below to check out the #ChromeCrew's intentions for 2019! 






Alex Ott

  • Professional:

    • Chicago: I intend to give my team in Chicago the power they have earned to make 2019 their year. I want Chrome City Chicago to become the cohesive vision of my team and allow them a space to dream bigger than they ever have and see those dreams through by providing them with the tools they need to succeed.

    • California: I intend to launch 2019 with a creative client roster that makes us proud of everyone we work with and begin to dive into the fabric of San Diego in order to better understand the needs of the city.

  • Personal: I intend to build a life for my son that is full of texture, color, life, diversity and vitality. I intend to love and let myself be loved by someone extremely special who has entered my life and see where my heart takes me.


Anthony Ott

  • Professional: I intend to grow Chrome City’s bottom line in a similar path as it has had over the past 2 years. I intend to find a way to make us all more money, work with clients who align with our vision and be the “talk of the town” more than we ever have been. I intend on throwing more events and illustrating that we are the “go-to” creative agency in the city of Chicago. I intend on finding effective ways to make our employees the face of our brand more than ever, which in turn, gives Alexandria the ability to grow the California office in a way we initially envisioned.

  • Personal: I intend on finding ways to limit my anxiety. I think I am well organized, but I intend on finding more ways to say “no” to things that add to my anxiety. I intend on only putting focus and energy to things that matter and things that will affect my long term future and stability. I intend on taking more time to take care of my health and being more conscious of what I commit to, so I can fully service those aspects of my life in a responsible and efficient way.


Jessica Gillespie

  • Professional: I intend to practice articulating the vision of my employer Chrome City PR and the valuable lessons/takeaways of my own professional journey (so far) in more public forums including but not limited to professional conferences, workshops, panels, college & university classrooms, and in the media. This will be for the purpose of my own continued growth/learning and sharing value with others at my peer level and as well as in a mentorship capacity. I also intend to actively merge my knowledge, expertise and interest in the fields of media, PR, acting/modeling, art & entertainment, and travel to evolve a unique, fulfilling and sustainable career path for myself.

  • Personal: I intend to spend more time in service to my community by volunteering and taking on pro bono projects that align with my civic values (access, connection, beauty, and purpose for all) and lend others my support, resources, and presence in a way creates broader networks of trust, wealth, health and community.


Allison Wessel

  • Professional: I intend to develop a new “work identity” by diving deeper into new clients and taking the time to step back and re-approach PR with fresh ideas, contacts, and publications. (GOAL: placements in Vogue, New York Times, and/or Bon Appetit).

  • Personal: I intend to let myself become more vulnerable and open up more to the important people in my life and work at building stronger relationships. I also intend to continue smashing the patriarchy *wink* by getting more involved in nonprofit and activist causes.


Bailey McGuire

  • Professional: I intend to foster deeper relationships with influencers and find new ways for us to work together.

  • Personal: I intend to say “yes” more to put myself out there and create new experiences in order to grow new relationships.


Portia King

  • Professional: I intend to produce more creative and strategically driven pitches for clients across all markets.

  • Personal: I intend to maintain balance and peace of mind throughout any upcoming opportunities, challenges, and learning experiences.


Brenden Arney

  • Personal: I intend to find and learn new ways to express myself creatively.

  • Professional: I intend to broaden my knowledge and expertise in film and photography


Alina Gutierrez

  • Professional: I intend to find new ways of being creative with our client work. Researching new apps, tools, etc. that can better assist me to create what our clients are envisioning.

  • Personal: I want to be more intentional with my time. Being more aware of how I spend my time and how that relates to achieving my goals both professionally and personally.

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