Today’s Women Hair Trends & Cultural Statements of the Past

February 12, 2019


Over the past couple of years, our country has seen a drastic adjustment in the tone, presence and overall cultural demeanor of women. From elevating the expectations in accountability of men in the industries of sports, entertainment, and news media to winning the most women elected positions in history, there is indeed a lot to celebrate. To complement this shift women are experimenting with different hairstyles and trends that are more expressive and rebellious in appearance.  


In light of Women’s History Month, I thought this would be a great topic exemplifying the unique blend of beauty and strength expressed through hair. Please see four of 2019’s top hair trends along with comments by colorist and stylist at BOSS HAIR GROUP, a salon made up of a curated iconic team of experienced artistic stylists with specialized skill sets and creative techniques.



70’s Fringe

Cut & Style by Anna Jackson - Color by Alison Lewis


Historic Note: In 1972 The Equal Rights Amendment passed, guaranteeing legal gender equality for men and women.


BOSS HAIR Comment: "The 70's fringe are sexy bangs that can look good on just about anyone. The fringe can feel shaggy and sometimes cut with a razor. The disconnection from the center cut to the sides can be greater. Halle Berry and Chloe Moretz sport a great 70's vibe fringe. Try winging out the sides with a blowdryer and follow with a hairspray or a light pomade for separation." - Ramona Villanueva, stylist at BOSS HAIR GROUP


ROSE Color + Baby Bangs

Cut by Aaron David - Color by John Blue

Note: Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. (Color Wheel Pro)

BOSS HAIR Comment: "While Rose Gold has dominated the hair color world in 2018, prepare for it's radical remix. Women are rocking bolder reds and rose colored shades like never before. Subtle golden copper and natural strawberry hues have taken a backseat to the fiery and metallic mauve tones that have been seen on the runway. Even chocolate brunettes have gotten in on the action sporting violet-rich mauve-toned manes like Contance Wu and Ariana Grande." - John Blue, owner and colorist at BOSS HAIR GROUP


Short Hair Don’t Care

Natural Grey and Short Cut - Cut + Styled by Aaron David - Color by Mother Nature


Note: According to Tradition in Action, in America, “the short haircut for women was simply called the ‘bob,’ a reference to the boy’s nick-name Bob since the style was viewed as a ‘boy’s cut.’ This style was supposed to represent the ‘New American Woman’: a busy, active and independent woman, liberated from old social customs.”

BOSS HAIR Comment: "With the #metoo movement, women's marches and celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams cutting off their hair, women are becoming more empowered to rock a much shorter hairstyle. The bowl cut can even cross over into an androgynous vibe. It can be therapeutic to cut ones hair, and quite an act of self expression and rebellion." - Ramona Villanueva, stylist at BOSS HAIR GROUP


50 Shades of Grey

Grey + Baby Bangs - Cut & Style by Anna Jackson - Color by John Blue

Note: The first commercial hair dye launched in 1909 and according to Telegraph,  by the 1950’s “home colour products were launched – and a double standard introduced...Grey-shaming had become rife – for women at least – and while men with grey hair were thought ‘distinguished.’ A vintage advertisement asks women: ‘Are you losing friends – because of your grey hair?’”

BOSS HAIR Comment: "Gray hair has been in vogue for the past couple years, and doesn't seem to be stopping. Women who have grayed naturally are embracing their shimmery locks while younger generations have been bleaching and toning their hair in palettes of slate, silver and muted concrete.  These cool-tones compliment many pale and soft pink complexions and can be easily maintained at home with professional silver and grey toning shampoos and conditioners." - John Blue, owner and colorist at BOSS HAIR GROUP



Launched in 2018,  BOSS HAIR GROUP is a salon within the upbeat bustle of Chicago’s River North neighborhood at 842 N. Orleans Street. Founder, John Blue, personally curated an iconic team of experienced artistic stylists with specialized skill sets and creative techniques. In partnership with Green Cycle Salons, BOSS HAIR GROUP is a leading eco-friendly salon with an emphasis on utilizing sustainable solutions, resulting in the salon recycling 95% of wasted materials and saving 6,695 gallons of water per month with ECHOHEAD shower heads. The unique and intimate lounge-like salon boasts an eccentric vibe of 80s glam rock, Studio 54 fashion, and 90s supermodel chic. Geometric lines, bold color blocks and bolts of gold make BOSS HAIR GROUP a unique and comfortable space to get BOSS’d.

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