Elise's '90s #ChromeCut

May 2, 2019

Guuuurrrrlll, I’m a ’90s bitch! I went to high school and college in the ’90s, and fancied myself a little punk. Remember that movie Fear with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg? Yeah, I dressed like that—miniskirts, knee socks, combat boots (steel-toed Carolina’s), belly-button ring.






A Letter to Elise—The Cure >>>

"A Letter to Elise" is a song by English rock band The Cure, released as the third and final single from the album Wish in October 1992. In 2010, Pitchfork Media ranked it at number 184 in their list of "The Top 200 Tracks of the 1990s". My first love, my first real boyfriend, was so cool and punk—green hair, combat boots, KMFDM t-shirts. He got me into all of this music. So yeah, all of those first kiss, first love memories, this song evokes all of that for me. Definitely a go-to during past breakups but now it just takes me back in a good way. So many artists these days look and sound the same. Robert Smith was so dark and tormented, but at least he fucking knew who he was and wore it all on his sleeve. You can’t have a conversation about gothic rock without talking about The Cure.





<<< Classic Girl—Jane’s Addiction 

"Classic Girl" is a song by alternative rock band Jane’s Addiction, released on their 1990 album, Ritual de lo Habitual. This is a love song about Perry’s then girlfriend Casey Niccoli, written in early 1987 by Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro. Ritual de lo Habitual was one of those albums that, when it came out, just turned you on because it was an entirely new sound—a rare thing to experience in the ’90s. Weird, wild, slow, fast… I just wanted to hang out with these guys and get into trouble. Three Days is actually my favorite song off the album, but you really have to let yourself get lost in it. But Classic Girl has a special place in my heart. It reminds me of my best friend in middle school and high school. She was this amazing artist and singer. Sadly she lost her battle with cancer a few years back but I will always remember her driving her red VW Cabriolet with the top down, singing Jane’s Addiction at the top of her lungs. She was a “classic girl” in every sense.






Angeles—Elliott Smith >>>

There are few albums that I can listen to in their entirety over and over again—Elliott Smith’s Xo and Either/Or are two of them. I can honestly say that there isn’t another artist out there that makes me feel quite like Smith. And it’s not just one feeling. I listen to Elliott Smith when I’m happy, when I’m sad—and all the feelings in-between—and his music allows me to feel that particular feeling to its maximum intensity, if that makes any sense. So if I need to get through something or work something through in my head, I turn to Elliott Smith. Also excellent for early morning airplane rides.







Check out Elise's full '90s playlist here




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