#ChromeCrew's National Pizza Party Day

May 17, 2019

As we all know, Chicago is famous for deep dish pizza, but there are hundreds of lowkey, hole-in the wall pizza joints that I’m sure we have all found at 2 A.M. after a night out on the town. No matter what you enjoy if it is the greasy Dominos, or traditional Lou Malnati's you better go get some today because IT’S NATIONAL PIZZA PARTY DAY!!



The #ChromeCrew is a group of foodies and pizza lovers, so we gotta be celebrating this holiday. Check out some of our go-to Chicago pizza spots and go get a slice!


Portia’s Pizza Pick:


Italian Fiesta >>> Portia says: "As a lifelong Southsider I was raised on Italian Fiesta! In my opinion it’s one of the best kept secret pizza spots in Chicago, with locations near 71st and Jeffery and 47th and Lake Park. They only serve thin/regular styled but the flavor is everythinggg! I love it cold as much as I love it hot. My favorite toppings are the classic cheese and sausage.”



Jolly Pumpkin - Vegan Pizza >>>“Every three months or so I go on a Vegetarian diet, and

because I love pizza SO MUCH, I always find an alternative. Jolly Pumpkin in Hyde Park offers a variety of vegan/vegetarian pizzas that are quite tasty and keep me on track during my diet.”










Bailey's Pizza Pick:


Piece Pizza >>> Bailey says: “I’ve been going here since I was a kid and it's always great. Delivery, or

dine-in it never disappoints! My family loves it and we go here or order it at least once a month. I’m probably super boring, but I am a huge fan of their cheese pizza. They don’t have ranch here, so I always bring some with me lmao. :)” 














Allison’s Pizza Pick:


Happy Camper >>> Allison says: “I LOVE a good Margherita pizza, but my go-to is a simple cheese pizza at Happy Camper when I’m there for my Sunday Bingo! Happy Camper has a great vibe, especially during the summer when the patio opens, and it's super easy to split a pizza and enjoy some fun cocktails.  My favorite way to end the weekend!








Alex’s Pizza Pick:


Lefty’s Chicago Pizza >>> Alex says: “Lefty’s Chicago Pizza in San Diego is always my go-to!

They offer both deep-dish and thin crust.

Not only that, but they have traditional Chicago dogs

and Italian beefs, just like many of the joints back in Chicago do.”








Elise’s Pizza Pick:


The Lunchroom at Space 519 >>> Elise says: “Do flatbreads count?! I say they do... and right now as we head into summer, I'm saying "no" to deep-dish (sorry Jet's) and "yes" to lighter options that fit my fitness program. I just tried the new It's Greek To Me Flatbread ($14) at The Lunchroom at Space 519—and it's heavenly. Whipped feta, olive tapenade, roasted pistachios and local honey on a whole grain flatbread. Seriously... run, don't walk.”










Jessica’s Pizza Pick:


The Boiler Room >>> Jessica says:  

“When I was growing up,

my family always ordered from a nearby family-owned pizza place that cut their pies into squares.

So, going out for slices always feels like a very

“adult” thing to do to me.  My absolute favorite spot for a slice, or two is The Boiler Room (Logan Square). I always order the vegan slice and whatever the special slice is for the day (which is usually a meaty option). It’s all about balance!”







Celebrate your lunch break with a pizza party in the office, or at happy hour and let us know what you picked by tagging us on Insta @chromecitychicago! (Especially if you tried one of our favorite spots). #happynationalpizzapartyday


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