The Blank TABLE

The Blank Table was conceived by Chrome City CEO, Alexandria Ott and her childhood friend—Fred Keller—who found themselves in the trenches of Chicago’s cutthroat hospitality scene. Keller was working for Roka Akor Restaurants; Ott had launched her fledgling hospitality PR firm—and they grinded hard. Then, in 2018, their respective journeys brought them home to sunny San Diego where The Blank Table was born.


The Blank Table is a bi-monthly, pop-up dinner series whose mission is to align its guests with the communities that have the most impact on the growth of San Diego. The idea is to dine as a micro-community, connect on topics we’re passionate about and share our ideas with advocates for positive change and economic growth throughout San Diego.


For its group dinners thus far, Chrome City secured each out-of-the-box venue, set unique moods via inspired tabletop decor, curated a diverse mix of attendees to ensure engaging conversations, got the word out with precise press work, and executed the day-of dinners from meet-and-greet cocktails to final cleanup.


MARCH 20, 2020