At Chrome City, we understand the millennial need to connect to the culture they so deeply crave. And it’s that keen perceptiveness, led by our CEO, Alexandria Ott, that makes us really good at curating people, places and things in order to build unforgettable moments for brands. Chrome City is a creative catalyst for businesses to connect with like-minded brands and audiences. 



Content is everything. We take an organic approach to cultivating engaging content for outreach, and custom-­tailor every program—from branding + social media to marketing + more—to meet the desired goals of our clients.


We are the weavers of culturally progressive activations and experiences that allow curious consumers to interact with your products and services—and the creatives behind them—in a way that makes them stop, think, connect, feel and, most importantly, remember. The result? A sense of loyalty to the experience they are, well, experiencing. 

Alexandria Ott
Alexandria Ott

Alex is a visionary, creative strategist + storyteller with successful businesses on both coasts. She founded Chrome City Creative in 2014, a Chicago based creative agency that offers Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media, Graphic Design, Event Curation and Influencer Management. Under Ott, the agency represents some of the biggest industry leaders in hospitality and art. After returning to her hometown of San Diego, she launched Chrome City California, which produces various cultural events in Southern California. Current CA projects include The Blank Table, a bi-monthly dinner series shaping the culinary experience, and her most recent endeavor, Hustlecraft, a premiere quarterly speaker series + curated marketplace. In addition to being an entrepreneur and single mother, Ott produces and moderates panels for Womanish, a pop-up event in Chicago exploring female perspective and identity and starred in Season 2 of PRGirl on Amazon.

Her vast experience with speaking engagements, TV appearances, and press showcase her gift of curating community + constructing inclusive events that make an impact. Alex is truly a master business woman who can provide value to your audience on various topics including PR + marketing strategies, hospitality consulting, creative communications, and brand identity for small businesses.


media relations
Dissect your brand's story and work with key contacts in television, print, digital and radio to inform the public about who you are and why your brand matters.
content creation + social media
Tell your brand story in a consistent and meaningful way through the most popular platform in the world. We can also handle all engagement + metrics.
brand voice +  copywriting 
Establish your brand's linguistic identity + develop copy for your website, social media, marketing initiatives, etc. 
Influencer marketing
Develop partnerships with like-minded influencers to market your product, business, or brand. 
web + logo design
Whether brand new or needing an upgrade, we will walk you through font, color scheme and more. We also have full web design capabilities.
Assess all aspects of your brand + ensure consistency across all channels. We build a calendared strategy for you to use in-house or have us execute.
Market research
Analyze trends in your industry and provide you with the information needed to reach your target market in the most effective way.
BRAND positioning
Find the best places to feature your brand and connect with your target audience and provide solutions they're looking for.
strategic partnership coordination
A curated list of brands + businesses that align with yours that can help us get the word out and build lasting impressions.
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David Latimer

ceo of tiny homes

"Chrome City was a pleasure to work with. They are a very competent, capable, and driven group of professionals. They are excellent communicators, and understand their industry and how to get the best results for their clients. We were very pleased with returns we saw on our investment in them."

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Sean O'cOnnell

Of Pernod Ricard

"Partnering with Chrome City through The Blank Table pop-ups has been fun, creative, and very valuable for our local business. We've been able to bring people together from all over San Diego to share in our unique visions, and to be a part of some truly memorable experiences. Collaborating with the team has also pushed me into elevated, creative spaces while building dynamic content for my social platforms."


Maegan Swabb

Hustlecraft panelist

"In my opinion, our city has been craving a platform like Hustlecraft for as long as I can remember. Thank you to Hustlecraft for being a shining light on what's new and for those that have been constantly striving to lead the way."